Press Mention: Top 10 Qualities of a Good Real Estate Agent

"8) Compassion

Find an agent who puts their clients' best interest first. Besides experience and a track record of success, clients need to gauge how much their agent has their best interests first and foremost. Would they perform the same level of due diligence and negotiate as fiercely as if this was their home being bought or sold? How will challenges be handled and risks mitigated while still being opportunistic? Oftentimes the intangibles are what set exceptional agents apart from the good ones and answering these questions will help you decide who to work with.
Nick Khoe, Broker at Khoe Realty Inc."


Read the full Redfin article for additional expertise from Redfin Partner Agents. 

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Whether he is advising on how to maximize profits from the sale of his client's home, guiding the first-time homebuyer, or acquiring income-generating properties for seasoned investors, Nick always puts his clients’ needs first.
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