Tech Background

Real estate has been done the same way for generations, but technology is rapidly changing how we do business in this industry. In the future, Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and automated apps are likely to play a more prevalent role in the industry, with buyers and sellers empowered to transact independently, with technology rather than an agent.


Nick is a tech-savvy entrepreneur positioned to assist the new generation of buyers and sellers in navigating real estate transactions using current methodologies and tools to streamline the process and make it more efficient. With the pandemic fundamentally changing the way we do business, it is more important than ever to service clients remotely and virtually. Nick's background in technology and marketing allows him to operate seamlessly within this environment.

Before getting his broker's license, Nick worked as a forensic auditor and consultant for Deloitte & Touche, Oracle and Symantec for over a decade. After leaving the corporate world, he worked for a Vancouver-based company, where he focused on 3D visualization solutions and immersive technologies to help buyers visualize what a home will look like before its built, assist with design choices, interior design, and more. He has consulted with developers across the country in places like Hawaii, San Francisco, San Jose, and even Canada, specifically Vancouver and Toronto.


Benefits to Buyers and Sellers

Virtual home tours streamline the buying process. Buyers no longer have to venture out to each home that interests them. They can tour and shop for their dream home online with state-of-the-art 3D renderings and virtual tours. 

Before setting up an in-person tour, buyers have the advantage of examining a house from top to bottom in a relaxed, user-friendly online forum. This method allows them to eliminate properties and narrow down the search, saving them significant time in the long run.  

Sellers can now maintain 24/7 virtual open houses, giving them maximum marketing exposure with immersive marketing collateral Nick and his team can produce for them. He can generate ultra-realistic 3D renderings or entire 3D models of the space for new home construction or larger remodel projects, allowing prospective buyers to get a look at the "to be" or "future state" of a house. 

Sometimes buyers struggle to visualize what a property will look like when it is rebuilt or remodeled, so these technological advancements show them what they will look like when the project is complete and helps sell the house faster and for more money. 

Examples of Nick’s Work


Learn more about Nick and his business here. If you're ready to begin your buying or selling journey, reach out to Nick today to start the process and schedule your first consultation. 

Work With Nick

Whether he is advising on how to maximize profits from the sale of his client's home, guiding the first-time homebuyer, or acquiring income-generating properties for seasoned investors, Nick always puts his clients’ needs first.
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