Virtual Marketing Services

An exclusive suite of marketing and transactional services.


Dynamic Digital Listing Brochures

Pages will turn, videos will play, home features will come to life with interactive brochures that create a dynamic, immersive experience for even the most discerning of buyers.


Digital Marketing + Insight

The Compass Digital Ad tool allows for the quick and easy launch of optimized Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to promote your property to a highly targeted audience. We use proprietary Compass user data to target the perfect audience, a team of experts designs an engaging ad to showcase your listing, and our system optimizes the ad's performance with constant testing. Once your Facebook and Instagram listing ad is live, I can provide real-time, detailed campaign results in the form of a digital ad report. This tool allows me to act swiftly to market and sell your home with confidence.


3D Virtual Tours

Utilizing 3D scanning technology, we create immersive walkthrough experiences for Buyers to access from anywhere at anytime. Think of it as having a 24/7 virtual open house, giving your home maximum online market exposure.

Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging is a powerful real estate marketing tool in which a home is staged virtually and even completely remodeled with the help of computer technology. It is a relatively inexpensive and extremely effective way to demonstrate to Buyers what a vacant home would look like when furnished or how a space would look like after remodeling.

*The tools above are based on the assumption that there is pre-existing photography and video. Should you have a listing that requires new videography or photography, please contact your sales manager to ensure you are adhering to local restrictions around COVID-19.

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